Anti gun advocates constantly prove that stupidity is a goal instead of something to be avoided.  These people never come up with an intelligent solution other than get rid of all guns.  The problem is that they have never come up with an answer for: "If you outlaw guns, then only outlaw will have guns".

This is the single biggest mistake of anti gun advocates, they have never addressed this single issue.  The solution is always the solution of making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to buy a legal gun.  The issue has always been the illegal guns - let's define that term: this is a gun that is in the possession of a person that does not have a legal right to possess the gun.  The legal right to a possession is based on the gun ownership being the result of a legal established transfer of ownership and, in most cases, the completion of a background check by a registered gun dealer.  

The question is simple: Why don't the liberals want to solve the illegal gun problem?  This solution requires one primary assumption that liberals don't want to admit.  The assumption relates to the users of those illegal guns.  Based on the recent set of criminal data, we can conclude that the owners of these illegal guns are members of a minority, likely members of a gang.  In other words, this is likely a member of an oppressed minority, the exact social class that the liberals want to assist.  We can also conclude that this person will likely use this gun either for protection against other violent members of an opposing gang or in the act of violence for personal gain.

Consider all of the ways that guns are involved in crimes.  First, bear in mind that the majority of crimes where a gun is involved are not reported as gun violence, they are crimes where a gun is used as a threat but is not actually used.  If no one is injured or killed during a crime, should it be considered a gun related crime?  This the problem for the liberals.  

If you want to eliminate illegal gun crimes then you need to change the classification of crimes.  If a gun is used in any way, as either a threat or in an act of violence, then there will be a minimum period of time in prison without the chance of parole, then there will additional prison time depending on the crime and the violence involved.  However, liberals cannot support this approach because this approach makes the penalty relate to the crime.  Liberals do not believe that the criminal is responsible for his crime, his crime is the result of the social pressures created by his lack of success, as defined by society.

From this comment you should be able to figure out the primary difference between a liberal and a conservative, liberals do not accept the concept of personal responsibility, no one is responsible for their actions because they do whatever they do as a result of social or peer pressures.  However, this is getting away from the topic at hand - guns.  This failure to apply personal responsibility provides the means to make excuses for the use of a gun by a criminal and not hold the criminal responsible and then punish him.  

Liberals are unable to resolve the gun problem because they are incapable of holding criminals responsible for crimes committed with illegal guns so the only option they have is to denounce the ownership of guns by both the criminals and the law abiding citizens.  In other words, liberals believe that they have the right interfere with the rights of law abiding citizens who do not agree with their agenda or position on guns.

What it boils down to is the position on everything by liberals, they don't care about the rights or opinions of anyone else that opposes their position.  They will lie and distort the truth to support their agenda and they will denigrate anyone that has an opposing view.  Most important, if you ask a liberal why they have a position, they will start by attacking your character and then start an endless stream of blather that has no bearing on the topic but generally supports the liberal agenda.