Climate Change - Coming

In terms of Climate Change, the one thing that everyone expects is truth.  After all, this work is being done by scientists, and, in theory, scientists are dedicated to the premise of truth.  The problem is that truth is dependent on who is saying the results.  

Truth is simply drawing a conclusion based on data collected and analyzed.  Of course, if the data collected is selective and improperly validated then the conclusions will be incorrect. If the data is collected with a specific conclusion in mind then the data will be slanted and the conclusion will be slanted.

The proper scientific process is to establish the parameters, collect all of the data, evaluate the data and draw a conclusion from the data.  However, the current procedure, utilized by liberals, is to establish the conclusion then collect data, select the data that supports the conclusion then evaluate that data and draw the conclusion that was established in advance.  In other words figure what you want to say, collect data to support that conclusion and then act surprised when that conclusion is reached.

The problem is simple, in order for the conclusions to be accurate, the state of the environment must match the predictions that were drawn from the data gathered and the conclusions drawn.  The original motto of 'Global Warming' was dropped when the predictions of the hottest winter on record turned out to be the coldest winter on record.  How could this have happened?

The answer is simple.  The data gathered was not fully representative, it was selective. The conclusions drawn were not the results of studying the data but instead the data supporting the desired conclusions.  The methods were sloppy and inaccurate and unscientific.  Here's the conclusion you should draw, judge the study by the ability of the study to provide accurate predictions and when it doesn't, then it is flawed.  At this time, it is necessary to find the flaws and identify the means to remove the flaws and reach a new conclusion.

During the entire discussion, there were people that questioned the results based on the existing data.  Remember, it is totally based on the data selected and how it is organized.  Professional meteorologists have stated that the history they have predicted the changes in the climate, indicating that the claim that carbon was the cause is flawed.  We have never been able to build a system to accurately forecast weather because of the complexity of the weather.  

But, the Climate Change folks want to declare that the weather changes are the result of the things they have identified.   WHY?  The reason is mainly political.  Liberals want to control the fossil fuels and therefore the energy production in this country.  See, they have decided to control the carbon output instead of figuring how to remove the carbon.  See, there is a reason here, the liberals don't want to solve the problem, they want to eliminate the source by driving up the price for the regular people.  The liberals are more interested in control than service.

While a lot more could be said, the real question is simple, what are the solutions instead of simply pointing out the problem.  See, I have a problem with the amount of taxes that are being paid to people that aren't working.  That is my problem because that problem takes money out of my pocket and at the same time drives up the national debt.  Now this is a real problem unlike the fake problem with the climate.  See, I know what will happen in the short term if the debt is not controlled but there is no way to predict what will happen if the carbon rises.  Sure, there are a lot of guesses but so far there is reason to believe that worst case scenarios provided by the Climate Change liberals exist in their minds to achieve their ideological ends.

The biggest problem with the Climate Change folks is that they don't care about your rights to your opinion, they want you to follow their opinion and will prosecute you if you dare to have the wrong opinion.  it comes back to them wanting to control you and your thoughts to agree wit their stupidity.  In case you missed the pattern followed here - the Global Warming folks brought a bunch of scientists together and gave them a bunch of grants (you know - MONEY).  These scientists gathered the needed data by pulling and picking the needed data items, preparing a presentation and declaring that the world would end shortly because of the increase of carbon in the atmosphere.

These scientists then declared that the winter was going to be like summer and to prepare for the ice caps to melt and the oceans to rise and coastlines to be flooded, they even paid to have a movie made.  Just one small problem, didn't happen, the coldest winter in recent history put a damper on the claims.  Well, no reason to give up when you have all of that data piled up in binders, let's change the name to Climate Change and declare you are still right and just wait - remember the claims by Obama of a 'just wait and see'.

Let's go back, the claim is that there is too much carbon in the air because we burn fossil fuels.  Perhaps the best option would be to find a way to remove the carbon from the air but then there would not be any reason to try and scare people with 'Climate Change' so there goes those ideological political goals down the drain.